Fight For Sharks!

Shark Stewards protects sharks and critical marine habitat for the health and future of our oceans. 

Support the Texas & New Jersey & Rhode Island Shark Fin Trade Bans-send a letter of support and sign the SHARK ACTION petition

Please help us Fight for Sharks by supporting our no shark fin campaigns and creating shark sanctuaries like the Semporna Shark Sanctuary in Malaysian Borneo and establishing marine protected areas. 

Shark Sanctuaries- Solutions for Sharks and Imperiled Marine Ecosystems


Tell United Airlines to join 25 other air carriers to drop shark fin from their cargo manifest and break the supply chain. Send an email to United Airlines.



Shark Watch   A smartphone App for citizens to help Scientists and the public learn more about sharks.

Learn more about our youth education program creating shark and ecosystem ambassadors. Supported by:


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See Our Media Production documenting sharks and all ocean life with Sea Stewards

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