• Sharks in the Whitehouse, Dead Sharks in the Desert

    Our hard job just got a lot harder. Like you I’m uncertain and unsettled where our country might be going. What is the fate of our oceans and our hard won marine protections? Feeling depressed I went to the sea with my dog Pele and dove into the surf. The ocean is my cure, my … Read more…

  • Support the Federal Ban on the Shark Fin Trade

    Support the USA Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act (S.3095/H.R.5584) Globally shark populations are on the decline. One third of pelagic -open ocean sharks are threatened with extinction. Sharks are being overfished and the shark fin trade is threatening large species of sharks with extinction. Shark finning is the unsustainable and inhumane practice of cutting off … Read more…

  • Support CITES Protection for Mobula Rays, 4 Species of Shark

    Shark Stewards is working to support proposals to list the Silky Shark, Thresher Sharks and Mobula Rays under Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES).  This action will increase global protection of global shark, ray, and skate populations.   Specifically we are working to support the US co-sponsored … Read more…


  • December 4 Farallones trip postponed

    We regret that we must postpone our December 4th trip to the 11th please join us next week.

  • Giving Thanks for the Ocean

    Dear Shark and Ocean Lovers, This Thanksgiving I would like to give my thanks for your help saving sharks and protecting ocean ecosystems with Shark Stewards. I especially am grateful to you, the volunteers and supporters who are helping us save sharks and protect ocean ecosystems. Land Sharks in Vegas The DEMA dive show in … Read more…

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