Partnerships with the Asian Community

The success of a shark fin campaign is to build relationships with the Asian American Community.

In California a self motivated group of Asian Americans (APAOHA) deflected the argument that the shark fin ban is a cultural bias.

In many states and countries activists of Chinese or other Asian decent are taking a leadership role and taking a stand that shark fin soup is unsustainable and does not represent their culture. The only argument the opposition to a fin ban has is the race card. The fact is that the harvesting of sharks driven by shark fin consumption is ecologically unsustainable. Cultures can alter their practices for the common good and for the good of the environment.  Examples include the Beluga Caviar Boycott, our current Bluefin Tuna campaign, and elephant ivory.

"Arguing That A Shark Fin Ban Discriminates Against Chinese Diminishes The Community’s Credibility On True Civil Rights Issues. Opposition claims that AB 376 is discriminatory are based solely on political convenience, not fact. The ban on shark fin is a necessary measure to remove the unique and immediate threat that shark finning poses to ocean health, NOT because shark fin soup is associated with a specific ethnic community or custom. APA organizations and community leaders with decades of work defending civil rights and fighting against racial discrimination are in support of AB 376"

APAOHA California Campaign