International Outcry Against Shark Slaughter at Malaysian Tourist Island

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Press Contact: David McGuire Sharksteward(at) 7/19/2016 The  Sabah Shark Protection association confirmed today that photographs of sharks slaughtered and finned have come from the dive tourist destination Pulau Mabul in [...]

Cathay Pacific Joins List of Airlines Banning Shark Fin

Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific announced a complete ban on shipments of shark fin today, joining over seventy international carriers to ban transport of the shark product. Concerned about the rapid decline in shark populations [...]

The Big Swim for Sharks

As an ocean swimmer and diver I frequently swim with sharks, although most of the time I don't see them. This summer I swam from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco, entering the water not far from where a [...]

Shark Shepherd: Saving Sharks with Art

As part of the Sabah Shark Protection Association (SSPA), Shark Stewards is calling for Malaysia to protect its dwindling shark populations in the country, especially in Semporna. Sharks are being landed near tourist resorts and divers are [...]

Take the Pledge to Support Four US Shark Fin Bans

Support stopping the shark fin trade in the USA. Since 2006 Shark Stewards has been a leader in reducing the shark fin trade and raising awareness about the plight of sharks. We are supporting banning [...]

Save Sabah Sharks

According to a report by the United Nation Food and Agricultural Association, Malaysia is the 9th largest shark fishing nation and has risen to become ranked 3rd globally for shark fin imports.  This small nation is having a serious impact [...]

Blood Shrimp- Tell Red Lobster No to Endless Shrimp

At 4.1 pounds per capita, shrimp is the most common seafood product consumed by Americans.  Large quantities of cheap peeled shrimp are crossing our plates, but with huge hidden environmental, health and human costs. Once primarily [...]

United Airlines Response to Shark Stewards Shark Fin Appeal

Responses from Ms. Sharon Kobat Executive Services, United Airlines Corporate Customer Care regarding concerns about carrying shark fin on United Airlines flights. United Airlines claims they have not carried shark fin as cargo since 2008, adding the caveat within their [...]

Help Shark Stewards Enforce the CA Shark Fin Ban

It is now illegal under California State law to possess, sell, offer for sale or trade sharks fin or shark fin products.  However, violations are being reported. Fines are low, profits are high and the California Department [...]

Press release: Malaysia Airlines Berhad announces it will not carry shark fin or other endangered wildlife products.

Press Release: For Immediate Distribution Media Contact David McGuire, Shark Stewards   San Francisco CA, October 5, 2015 Malaysia Airlines Berhad establishes policy for Shark and wildlife Sustainability by banning shark fin and other wildlife [...]