If you have a passion for our mission of protecting sharks and ocean health then join us and spread the word! 

Suggested Volunteer duties:

Join or start a Shark Stewards Chapter in your area. Become a Shark Captain or find a local chapter to join.

Go to community meetings. There are often important local issues being discussed in public hearings and community meetings. Even if there is an important issue that is not yet being discussed, community meetings can be the best place to bring it to the attention of your neighbors, friends, and local government.

Meet with elected officials. To bring our issue straight to the source, arrange a meeting with an elected official to discuss it and discover his or her position. If possible contact an Asian American legislator to carry or support the legislation

Organize public events. Get other people in the community involved and aware of important issues. If there is already an organized demonstration, be a part of it.

Send out a Press release.  Define the need, the solution and how people can participate or support the FIN Free campaign.

Chum Circles  Become a Fundraiser or a FIN Raiser to increase our volunteer base and supporter network.  Gather at a home or venue and give a Shark Stewards Presentation, watch a film and motivate with a Shark FIN Free PowerPoint presentation and slide notes.

Table at events. Events are a great way to get out and promote the cause of saving sharks. You can create your own event, or participate in existing events. If there is a local event, see if you can set up a table with information about your cause. You can answer people’s questions and have them sign the petition, take the fin free pledge and build the movement.

Donate to our cause