Shark Steward’s volunteers¬†spread the word and continue support for the shark FIN Free movement. As a small grass-rooots organization we rely heavily on active volunters who love sharks and the ocean to support our program.

Examples of fundraising activities include:

  • Host a shark party – Gather your friends and neighbors together to educate them about shark finning while providing some food bites. You can even make it a potluck! Screen the movie Sharks: Stewards of the Reef (This link provides a preview of the movie. To receive the full movie please contact David McGuire at [email protected]).¬†
  • Share the opportunity to make your state FIN free by signing petitions, becoming a Shark Steward, or donating to the cause.
  • Screen one of our documentaries and collect donations or door entry.
  • Host an athletic event (ie. “Run for the Sharks”) or sponsor a shark athlete for an athletic event.
  • Provide a silent auction item at an event which allows people to donate to Shark Stewards.
  • Solicit individual support, or ask your employer to start an employee matching program at your place of employment.
  • Table at community events
  • Hold a play or music performance
  • Sponsor a swimmer and add their support

Supporting Sharks through tax deductible donation will allow us to support the international cause and continue fighting for sharks. A portion of proceeds will go to materials  to support the chapter movements.