FIN-Free Toolkit

Start a Shark Stewards Movement

Do you want to be able to engage your community in the fight to end shark finning but don’t know where to begin?

As part of the Shark FIN Free campaign, you can sign up groups or individuals within your community to pledge themselves to shark protection by becoming Shark Stewards.

Most people are unaware of the plight of sharks or their importance to our ocean ecosystems. We can engage decision makers and leaders with an educational and entertaining Shark Stewards presentation. Present the facts, plead our case and ask for support.  Set up or give a Shark Stewards presentation and email us for a copy of some helpful suggestions to accomplish this.

Download the Portable Sharkfin Activism Toolkit (pdf)

Build a movement against shark finning

  • Become a Shark Captain. Form a group to motivate shark finning awareness and shark fin trade bans.
  • Fin Free Petition. Sign and support one of our Shark FIN Free petitions to legislators specific to region to introduce or support fin free legislation. Hard copies engage people directly and collect signatures. For voter initiatives like shark fin bans, we need addresses so a lengthier support sheet is important.  Online petitions and causes raise awareness globally on the issue of shark finning.
  • FIN Free Fact Sheet for AB 376 (pdf) Example of a successful Califonia campaign.

Encourage influential groups to be engaged in the abolishment of shark finning

Downloads (Examples from a Succesful Campaign)

Indentify restaurants selling shark fin soup in your area and Yelp them with a negative and educational review about shark finning and shark fin soup. Make a list and ask them to stop selling shark fin soup.  Boycott restaurants that serve shark fin soup.

Table at events. Events are a great way to get out and promote the cause of saving sharks. You can create your own event, or participate in existing events. If there is a local event, see if you can set up a table with information about the cause. Answer people’s questions and have them sign the petition, take the fin free pledge and build the movement.

Support the FIN Free campaign by leading a fundraiser for sharks, or donate to our cause.

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