Social networking, presentations, and events

Promoting the FIN Free campaign is critical to raising the general awareness on the plight of sharks. In addition to creating local Facebook pages, we can use the Shark Stewards home and Facebook page to connect with people around the world. Promote our efforts on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites using hash tags #sharkstewards and links to shark fin news.  Organize and grow our list of shark supporters and share the shark facts sheet.

Activities Include:

  • Host a party to Support Sharks
  • Fin Free Fridays- start a happy hour, book club, film screening or other get together
  • Alternatives to Fins- hold a cooking party and make Faux shark fin soup
  • Organize an athletic event like a run or ride, or sponsor an athlete to raise money for the cause
  • Make a slide show or video and place on You Tube, Vimeo or other sites
  • Table at events like fairs, community events, museums and aquariums