Creating an Online Cause for FIN-Free

Spread the word using an online case. Please use the Shark Stewards name and logo to gain support for shark fin trade bans using this language.

Cause: Shark Stewards Pledge to Stop Shark Finning and Stop the Shark Fin Trade

We, as Shark Stewards of ______ support sharks and ocean health and pledge to stop the practice of shark finning and the shark fin trade. Sharks are being killed by the tens of millions each year at an unsustainable rate to supply shark fins to make shark fin soup.

The increase in demand for shark fin is leading to the decline of shark populations worldwide. Sharks are vital for the balance and health of ocean ecosystems. Stopping shark finning and the shark fin trade will restore balance to the oceans.

Click here to see a site which allows for you to create a Shark FIN Free cause.