FIN-Free Online Petition

Petitions are useful for generating awareness around an issue, developing a volunteer base and getting the voices of voters heard by their lawmakers.

An effective petition:

  • Identifies the source by name e.g. Mayor, City Council, State Legislators, Governor, Parliament Member, Prime Minister etc
  • States the Cause e.g Support Shark Protection and Ban the Shark Fin Trade and why it is relevant.
  • Gets addresses of constituents
  • Follows through with the petition by delivering to the appropriate Legislator.
  • Generates press and awareness around the issue.


Click here to see an example of an online FIN Free petition for our Texas campaign.

  • Target: Governor Rick Perry and the Texas State Legislature
  • Sponsored by: Shark Stewards Texas, a Project of

-The continuing practice of shark finning, which is the inhumane practice of removing the fins and discarding the remainder of the shark back into the sea, is having a devastating effect on shark species around the world.

-The practice of shark finning results in tens of millions of sharks per year being killed for their fins alone. Over one-third of all oceanic shark species are threatened with extinction as a result of shark finning.

-Apex predators such as sharks play a critical role in maintaining healthy, balanced ecosystems; something that is necessary for the long term survival of our own species.

-Shark fins have no significant nutritional value and are considered unhealthy for human consumption due to the accumulation of high levels of mercury and other toxins in the fins and flesh.

- Measures must be taken to stop the global practice of shark finning and to ensure the responsible conservation and management of sharks.

-  99% of Oceanic Whitetip Sharks and 90% of Silky Sharks are gone from the Gulf of Mexico. Sharks are being poached in State waters and the Gulf to supply the shark fin trade.

Therefore, we the undersigned call upon the Governor and Legislature of the State of Texas to ban the possession, sale and consumption of shark fins in the State of Texas.