Shark Stewards is dedicated to saving threatened sharks through fisheries policy, education and advocacy.

Sharks are symbols of ocean health. This health is declining and we need to restore the health of the oceans for the future of humanity. We can start by protecting sharks and respecting all ocean life.

Shark Stewards promotes sound stewardship for sharks, and all marine life.

Our campaigns e.g. the Healthy Oceans Initiative and the San Francisco Shark Sanctuary are directed towards raising awareness on shark conservation, sustainable fisheries, improved water quality and marine ecosystem protection. We advocate policy including the banning of shark finning, and regulating the shark fin trade in the USA and the Pacific Rim. Our educational and outreach efforts in the San Francisco Bay reach thousands. Our sister organization Sea Stewards reaches a world audience through the production of ocean documentary films and short media.

Shark Stewards is a non profit project of the Earth Island Institute.

Join us in our efforts and Support our cause.