Shark Stewards

Mission Statement:  Shark Stewards mission is to restore ocean health by saving apex predators such as sharks, and protecting critical marine habitat through the establishment of marine protected areas and shark sanctuaries. We fight for Sharks.

Sharks have swam the oceans for over 400 million years, helping to shape and maintain the health and balance of marine species and ocean ecosystems. Sharks have survived the five great extinction events, including the last which caused the dinosaurs to go extinct.  For all this time, sharks were the top predators in the ocean.

Until Now.

Many species of large sharks and rays are threatened with extinction within our lifetime.  Overfishing and shark finning is killing tens of millions of sharks per year at an alarmingly unsustainable rate.  Driven largely by the increased demand for the luxury shark fin soup, shark populations are plummeting world wide in an ocean gold rush for fins.



Shark Stewards employs education, science and media to gain public support and advocate policy for shark conservation and marine protected areas.

We fight for sharks.

Fortunately, global attitudes are rapidly shifting in favor of sharks.  Shark Stewards is at the forefront of the local and global movement to save sharks, ban the shark fin trade, stop illegal shark fishing and establish shark sanctuaries.

There is lot we can do to support shark populations,and Shark Stewards is here to help.  We provide the tools for activists to take action and stop shark finning and ban the shark fin trade. We are leading the effort to educate and establish marine protected areas and ban the shark fin trade in North America, and are expanding across the Pacific into Asia with our Pacific Shark Alliance.

Shark Stewards is a project of The Earth Island Institute, an environmentalist think tank founded by David Brower and a 501c3 non-profit.  Launched as Sea Stewards in 2006 by award-winning film conservationist and marine biologist David McGuire, Shark Stewards is dedicated to conserving our oceans through the protection of sharks.

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