Shark Stewards 2016 Recap

Shark Stewards is now in our 10th year fighting the shark fin trade and creating marine protected areas.
Since 2006, we have a lot to show for our work.

Then: A decade ago, not one US state had a shark fin trade ban.
Now: 11 US states have protections for sharks by limiting the shark fin trade, and a federal law is under consideration.
Then: Shark Finning was legal by US Vessels.
Now: Finning is illegal and sharks must be landed with fins attached in all US territories and waters.
Then: 1% of California state ocean waters were under protection.
Now: 16 % of State ocean is under state marine protection under our statewide network of MPAs. We are leading the Bay Area MPA outreach effort. Learn more about the Marine Protected Area Collaborative

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We Give Results

91% of your donation goes directly to program. We don’t have fancy offices or highly paid staff. We are a grassroots, hard fighting, scrappy organization.

About Shark Stewards:

  • We have 150 hard working volunteers and 12,000 supporters;
  • Reached 6 Bay Area schools and 7500 public reached in our education and Sharktober outreach programs;
  • 300 youth and volunteers cleaned at Aquatic Park cleaning up 375 pounds of marine debris, and 20,000 cigarette butts;
  • 200 hours committed to 2 conferences and 6 meetings on our local MPAs, with 600 community members reached;
  • 1 Million HA of protected areas established in Malaysia Marine Protection. New shark fishing laws are being implemented with our partners the Sabah Shark Protection Association;
  • 200 hours and 14 students restoring coral reefs and rescuing sharks with our partners at the Tropical Research and Conservation Centre (TRACC);
  • 4 video projects on ocean conservation with Borneo From Below and ScubaZoo reaching 150,00 through social media and 3000 at the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival;
  • Support of the 11th State Shark Fin Trade Ban, and we are actively campaigning for the US Shark fin trade elimination act.  Sign the Petition.
Some of our volunteers & supporters at Sports Basement

Many of our volunteers & supporters at Sports Basement

Ming Chan, Shark Survivor and China Shark Advocate

Darci Liu, Shark Stewards China Ambassador

Ni Hou! AnchorShark Stewards China  
We are excited to be joined by Chinese Shark Stewards actively educating Chinese consumers through the dive and surf community with a Shark Stewards China Chapter. We now have two Chinese Ambassadors, SURFER Darci Liu and SCUBA Diver Ming Chan. Darci is an ocean advocate appearing in film and web media, and Ming became famous this year by nearly becoming an hors d’oeuvres for a white shark in this video. We have always believed that the shark fin fight is about education and not condemnation of culture.  By focusing in China we feel we will be most effective in stopping the overfishing of sharks for the shark fin trade through reduction of demand. 

LUSH Loves Sharks!
Last month we launched our Shark Fin Nevada Campaign with LUSH at the Las Vegas stores, and continued the work at the DEMA dive show (where we met Ming) garnering support for the US Shark fin trade elimination act. LUSH is a sustainably sourced, cruelty and shark free cosmetics including the Charity Pot supporting animal groups like Shark Stewards.
Look for the Hammerhead Shark at LUSH stores and proceeds benefit Shark Stewards.

Supporting our National Marine Sanctuaries and Marine Protected Areas.
Now, more than ever, our Sanctuaries and our Marine Protected Areas need public support. Shark Stewards works in policy and public outreach to protect the critical marine ecosystems off California coastal waters and in Malaysia. With a potential reversal of Federal MPAs and opening our National Marine Sanctuaries for oil drilling off California, we must work harder than ever to protect our oceans. Please join us, follow our blog, or get involved in our local MPA collaborative.

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If you can’t give your time or talent and have a little to give- please consider an end of year tax deductible donation to Shark Stewards, or Adopt a  shark!

Shark Stewards is a non-profit project of the Earth Island Institute.  Please Support our Work!