Shark Stewards Joins with LUSH Cosmetics to End Shark Fin Trade

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Friday October 21, 2016 Las Vegas NV

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Ocean conservation and shark advocacy group Shark Stewards and LUSH Cosmetics are combining efforts in Las Vegas on October 22 to stop shark finning and support the Federal Shark Fin Trade Elimination Ac with a public event in Las Vegas. Shark and ocean lovers will gather in full ocean regalia at the LUSH Mandalay location to show public support for sharks and help save them. Shark Attack survivor Maria Korcsmaros will be joining mermaids and sharks at the event.

“This summer I was bit by a Great White Shark while swimming off California,” said Korcmaros, a mother, triathlete and trainer. “I learned that sharks are being killed by the 10s of millions every year for shark fin soup. Sharks are going extinct, and I want to help save them.”

LUSH Mandalay Bay, and the other Las Vegas stores will be hosting a public outreach effort to increase awareness on the harmful impacts on the ocean caused by shark fin consumption. The Shout Out For Sharks event will be at LUSH Mandalay Place from 11AM- 5PM with an Ocean Creature Parade at 12:00 PM.

“This is an exciting opportunity to educate the public and come out in full support for a USA shark fin trade ban.” Said David McGuire, Founder and Director of Shark Stewards. “LUSH stands for preventing animal cruelty like shark finning, and sustainability in their products. Shark populations are crashing worldwide from overfishing and the cruel and unsustainable shark fin trade. With LUSH, we are shouting out for sharks and calling on Congress to support the Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act.”

Based on a survey of restaurants, Las Vegas is the nation’s highest seller of the Asian delicacy Shark Fin Soup. Casinos and restaurants throughout Las Vegas and the state are serving shark fin soup increasing the decline of threatened and endangered species.

“One third of oceanic shark species are threatened with extinction. By reducing the demand for shark fin, and educating consumers of the damage this luxury dish is causing to sharks, we can help turn the tide for sharks and ocean health,” said McGuire.

Shark finning is the cruel and wasteful practice of catching a shark, removing the fins and discarding the body. It is estimated that over 100 million sharks are killed each year from illegal, unregulated and unsustainable fishing, including shark finning. Shark finning is illegal in US waters, but fins from sharks finned on the high seas, caught illegally or unsustainably by other nations enter US markets.

These fins are imported into most US states and are sold domestically or re-exported overseas. In 2016 Rhode Island joined 10 other US states, 3 US Territories and several other countries banning the sale and trade of shark fin and shark fin soup. This event is in support of the US Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act, currently in the US Congress.

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About Shark Stewards

Shark Stewards is at the forefront of the local and global movement to save sharks, ban the shark fin trade, stop illegal shark finning and establish shark sanctuaries. They lead efforts to educate the public, establish marine protected areas and ban the shark fin trade in North America, and are expanding across the Pacific into Asia with a Pacific Shark Alliance.

Shark Stewards is a project of The Earth Island Institute, an environmentalist think tank and is a 501c3 non-profit. Shark Stewards is dedicated to conserving our oceans through the protection of sharks.