Shark Watch

Now you can help collect data assisting shark research using your iPhone or Droid.

Anyone can participate in Shark Watch and become a citizen scientist! 

Help us understand the range, movements, distribution and behavior of San Francisco Bay, Tomales Bay and Pacific sharks, skates and rays to assist our data collection. The program extends across California and the diver network is observing and reporting sharks in La Jolla Cove.  This program is also international adding to the Smithsonian Encyclopedia of Life and is part of Ocean Sanctuaries Data Collection network.

 Download the Free iNaturalist Droid or iPhone app and start today!

 Its easy. You can use your phone to record observations of sharks, skates and rays or access the web site directly.  If you dont know the kind of shark, the application will identify it for you.

Leopard Sharks schooling in Tiburon Photo Credit Danny Geren   ITS HERE IS HOW!  Sign up on the iNaturalist web site here to get the App and get the iNaturalist app for your smartphone. You can also enter information, directly on the web.

Take a picture and provide the following information:

  • Location, (smart phones with GPS will record this)
  • Species (if known- pictures in database can identify, or we can help)
  • Date
  • Weather
  • Number
  • Washed up dead or alive,
  • If fishing note released alive, dead or taken for consumption
  • other interesting notes


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The information will go towards a manuscript documenting the presence of skates, rays and sharks of the San Francisco Bay to help us better understand and protect sharks.

Shark Ambassadors- learn about our education program bringing youth to the Bay and teaching about sharks and Bay marine ecosystems hands on. Contact us to participate in the program.


Contact us if you have a sighting or for more information.   Support Shark Watch.



Fisherman Tom Law with Brown Smoothound Shark