Sharks in the Whitehouse, Dead Sharks in the Desert

Our hard job just got a lot harder. Like you I’m uncertain and unsettled where our country might be going. What is the fate of our oceans and our hard won marine protections? Feeling depressed I went to the sea with my dog Pele and dove into the surf. The ocean is my cure, my tonic and my life.  We will not give up.  We will work harder fighting for ocean health and marine protection here in the USA and abroad. Now, more than ever, endangered sharks and the oceans at risk need our help. Can we work together to save sharks?

Our US campaign to stop the shark fin trade moves ahead at the Dive Show DEMA in Las Vegas 11/16-19  where we are exhibiting, advocating and campaigning. We are looking to build publicity at the site of USA’s top shark fin consumer: Las Vegas. Join me and our supporters, volunteers and donors in Vegas and fight for sharks and support the proposed US Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act.  
Sign and share the petition to eliminate the US shark fin trade!  Let’s do this together, and show the new administration the ocean has rights too. Join me at one of our Events and fight for sharks and a healthy ocean. And some good news– California banned plastic bags, preventing 123,00 tons from entering the environment in California! 

David McGuire, Director
Shark Stewards

Our National Marine Sanctuaries are not just about white sharks and whales-but it’s pretty thrilling to watch them skyrocket out of the sea! Last week a blue shark was observed, leaping Humpbacks, Mola Mola, Shearwaters and our first migratory California Grey Whale. Blue sharks are epi-pelagic in all tropical and temperate seas- and among the most killed for their fins globally. These are our national treasures- not commodities.

We have two more Farallon Island Expeditions with space left Nov. 13th and a special shark conservation trip on Nov. 26th. Public support for our MPAs, Sanctuaries and the more tenuous Marine Monuments is critical. Get out, get wet, and get motivated to protect what we love.

Volunteers- Thank you!  From beach clean-ups, attending the Science Fair with 30,000 youth, selling T shirts, web design and education outreach- you are the core of our organization. Join us and meet the shark team December 15 at Sports Basement. Join us with LUSH Cosmetics in Vegas and the dive show 11/16-19th and let’s make some noise for sharks to ban the fin.

Look for the Hammerhead Shark on the Charity Pot in LUSH stores and proceeds benefit Shark Stewards! Please voice your support here and share our message by forwarding this email your friends!

Event Schedule

  • November 15th, Shark Talk with Heirs to Our Oceans. La Costanera Restaurant, 8150 Cabrillo Highway, Montara Beach (between Pacifica and Half Moon Bay)
  • Volunteer Party for San Francisco International Film Festival. Zephyr Hotel 6PM
  • November 16-19 DEMA Dive Equipment and Marketing Association Meeting Las Vegas- Volunteers needed to join our shark fin publicity event on the 18th and work our exhibit.
  • November 26 Final Farallon Island Expedition– special shark conservation and education trip.  Information and tickets.
  • December 1 Beyond the Golden Gate Research Symposium Learn about research, including Shark Stewards work in MPAs along our coastline. Romberg Tiburon Center 9AM-6PM
  • December 9 Mayor’s Breakfast Green Infrastructure Leadership Conference on wetlands and Bay restoration with California Coastal Conservancy. 9 AM-1:30 PM Register
  • December 15  Shark Shiver– Year end Shark Stewards meeting, celebration and shopping at Sports Basement Presidio! Shop and get 15% off. 630 PM- 9 PM-

Shark Stewards is a non-profit project of the Earth Island Institute.  Please Support our Work!

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