Sharktober Newsletter 10_25_2016

Sharktober: Celebrate with LUSH and Join us at DEMA!

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Dear Ocean and Shark Loving Team,

Sharktober is almost over after 15 events reaching approximately 7.000 people with partners, at schools in the immediate Bay Area, and Farallon Island Expeditions. But if you love sharks there is more left!
This Friday, please join me for a talk and film at the Pacifica Community Center- hosted by our partners the Pacifica Beach Coalition. Our US campaign to fight to stop the shark fin trade moves forward at the Dive Show DEMA in Las Vegas 11/16-19 with LUSH Cosmetics, mermaids and sharks! Lets recruit supporters, volunteers and donors to Vegas and fight for sharks and support the proposed US Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act.

Sign and share the petition to eliminate the US shark fin trade!

Thank you for your time and your passion for a healthy ocean!

David McGuire, Director
Shark Stewards

Sharktober is a celebration of the return of the white sharks to our sanctuary after their long migration. Our Northeast Pacific white shark population is slowly rebounding from overfishing. However, many species including the Silky Sharks and Thresher Sharks just listed under CITES Appendix II, and 1/3 of open ocean sharks are at great risk of extinction. We must continue striving to protect other sharks and rays from overfishing and the sale of body parts like fins and gill rakers.

Eight years ago Shark Stewards catalyzed the Bay Area Sharktober outreach effort to educate and motivate support for the now successful California Shark Fin Ban, and have built that momentum to include 10 other US states.  Now we are supporting the Federal Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act 2016 which has been introduced to Congress. Please voice your support here,  share and support our work!
LUSH loves Sharks. Shark Stewards launched our campaign with LUSH  – animal cruelty and shark free products- in Las Vegas to reduce the shark fin trade and support the Federal ban on shark fins with Lushies, sharkies, mermaid Sophia Dutra (pictured) and ocean advocates. Join us at the dive show DEMA 11/16-19th with NCUPS and lets make some noise for sharks to ban the fin.
Lush Loves Sharks. Look for the Hammerhead Shark on the Charity Pot in LUSH storesand proceeds benefit sharks!
  • Oct. 28  Sharktober Films and Talk with Pacifica Beach Coalition, Pacifica CA  Community Center 630 PM-9:00 PM
  • Oct 30 & Nov 6, and 13 Sharktober Farallon Islands excursions (read our Devil’s Teeth Blog).
  • Nov. 5 Bay Area Science Festival AT&T Park 10 Am- 5PM  Come learn about sharks of the Bay.  Volunteers needed. Free!
  • Nov 16-19 DEMA Dive Show and Shark Action Las Vegas with NCUPS, LUSH

Please participate in our events to help promote and support sharks.

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