US Shark Fin Protection at Risk- Act Now

Proposed federal regulations may weaken state shark fin bans and allow other finning loopholesBinoffins

Shark finning- the barbaric and wasteful practice of killing sharks just for the fin- has been illegal in US waters since 2000. However, the importing and re-exporting of shark fins continued. Thanks to the support of shark activists like you, seven states have passed bills banning the sale and trade of shark fins, and several east coast states are poised to follow suit. But now these hard won victories for shark conservation are in danger.  Tell Federal Fisheries Managers to remove finning and fin trade exemptions from the US Shark Conservation Act.

A new proposed rule could allow our hard won statewide shark fin bans to be overturned in court. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has recently proposed new regulations to implement the Shark Conservation Act of 2010 to close loopholes in the original 2000 law. But inserted language  could undermine state bans on the sale and trade of shark fins and allow shark fishing practices the original law intended to stop.
This new law will allow illegally harvested sharks, including endangered species to flow through our ports to Asia, and open up a shark fin trade within our own waters.

NMFS is currently collecting comments on this proposal, and we need you to speak up for sharks. Add your voice for sharks here.

Reducing the demand for shark fins, and making the trade more difficult will protect sharks. The United States has been a strong champion for sharks. California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland and Delaware all have shark fin trade laws and other states are following suit.

We can’t allow these laws to protect sharks to fall. Tell NMFS we will not accept these provisions and keep our Federal and State shark protective measures strong!
Many shark populations are in peril. A healthy ocean needs healthy shark populations.
Please join us in speaking out today in support of the state shark fin trade bans.

Act Now to Save Sharks.

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