How often have you looked at the sea and wondered what lies beneath? With all of the bad news and overwhelming gloom, sometimes we lose sight of how beautiful our community is, and how simple actions can make an ocean of difference.

The San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean shapes our local climate, the commerce and health of the people of the Bay Area, and our very future. The ocean is so vital to us every day, but the importance of the San Francisco Bay and our ocean is often overlooked or taken for granted.

Every breath we take depends on ocean health. Each June we celebrate the Ocean and our love for her and take action with kids to save it.

To celebrate World Oceans Day, Shark Stewards and our partners are hosting a special beach cleanup and survey at Aquatic Park with our longtime partners, SF Maritime National Historical Park and the San Francisco Dolphin Rowing and Swimming Club.

This year we are proud to be rejoined by Park Hero Robbie Bond of Kids 4 Parks motivating kids and adults to get our and support our National Parks through direct action.

Join our dedicated volunteers to picking up and counting marine debris like straws, wrappers, cigarette butts, and other plastic trash from harming our ecosystem.

Aquatic Park

We are also conducting a Bioblitz with the California Academy of Sciences Snapshot of the California Coast.  Learn more here and download the iNaturalist App.

Meet- near benches at west end of the San Francisco Dolphin Club 530 Jefferson Avenue.

See you there- and thanks for bring kids to the oceans to be solutions to ocean pollution.

David McGuire,
Director, Shark Stewards