In these challenging times we at Shark Stewards want to wish everyone good health and our support. While we are hunkered down, our work continues in different ways.

Outreach, schools and events are a big part of our mission and we are sad we cant meet the kids and community we admire. We have canceled all events into April including our kayak trips and beach clean ups.
Staying healthy, the health of our community, and keeping the ocean healthy is our priority.

Since the International Ocean Film Festival has been postponed, and we are advised to stop swimming in the Bay, I would like to share this short, humorous film Swim for Sharks we premiered at 2013 Ocean Film Festival. 

For over 15 years, Shark Stewards has bought people together in person from many walks, cultures and nations to save sharks, protect habitat and ocean health. But until this global health crisis passes, we are using the virtual model to continue educating and engaging action.

If anything, perhaps a silver lining is that responding to this pandemic emerging from wildlife, China has stated it will ban the buying, selling, and transportation of wild animals in markets, restaurants, and online marketplaces across the country could have a positive impact on the conservation of pangolins and other threatened wildlife, if it also is accompanied with a change in behavior.

We are grateful for your support and care about you. We want to offer these suggestions and resources below.  


  • Many species do not school at all, and others like white sharks give each other space in a form of social distancing. Keep your distance but stay connected
  • Elbow bump and wash your fins frequently
  • Sneeze in your sleeve
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Access the CDC website for updated actions and warnings.

Be Smart. Support your community and use information provided by Health Scientists and Credible Government Sources to be informed and act responsibly.  

Leave some TP for the next guy wiilya?

Stop Obsessing Be informed, be pragmatic. This is a serious event, but reading or watching COVID-19 updates every hour online or Facebook is stressful and isn’t going to help your state of mind.

Cabin Fever? Go Outdoors but Avoid Crowds Exercise builds immunity. Go for a walk along the Bay, coast or park. Pick up some plastic but use gloves and keep your personal space. Pay heed to local beach closures and government guidelines. You can learn about safe beachgoing and potential risks from the Surfrider Foundation: COVID-19 and Beach Water Quality: Updates from the Research Community.

Don’t be a Goblin Shark Stay connected using social media, set up a hangout or a skype friends call, or pick up the phone and speak to a real human. You can also join us on our first SHARKINAR 101 interactive live web stream on You Tube March 26 at 4 PM. Join Shark Stewards and talk about sharks and MPAs.

Get involved while hunkered down!

Participate in our online campaigns, Take Action and contact your Senators to support the US Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act , and voice your opinion on ocean health, Volunteer and share your skills and your creative ideas.

We are an ocean community, and when this is over we will be stronger and work harder to protect ocean health together.