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Perhaps more than any other group of marine megafauna, sharks face the most imminent threat of extinction.

“Shark Stewards is on the frontlines saving sharks, please support their work.”

Dr. Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Fellow and Founder, Mission Blue

Be a Shark Buddy and get a Shark Buddy Certificate! Your $100 donation goes to engaging divers and eyes-on monitoring, increasing protection for mobula rays, sharks and their habitat through our Shark Watch community science program.

Shark Stewards is a project of The Earth Island Institute, a US registered 501(c3) non-profit. For tax purposes our EIN is 94-2889684

Giving monthly is the best way to provide ongoing support so we can plan ahead and be most effective!

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Shark Stewards is a non profit project of the Earth Island Institute, a federally registered 501(c) 3.

Consider a Legacy gift with Free Will that will benefit Shark Stewards via our Fiscal Sponsor The Earth Island Institute.

Your donation is tax-deductible goes directly to support our active campaigns to save sharks and rays from extinction. We are a highly effective and efficient organization. 91% of your donation goes to direct program support, not overhead or salaries.


We are back in Kona for the final filming of our new documentary Kahu Manō: a film on Hawaii sharks, culture and protection to be used to advocate for increased protection of critically endangered Oceanic Whitetip sharks. The goal is to premiere at the International Ocean Film Festival in April 2024, screen at other festivals, to regional fisheries management organizations and then screen at the United Nations on World Oceans Day before going to broadcast. We are already in final edit mode and doing end of year fundraising through our charity auction and final appeal to support post-production.

Our student Vivian Guido’s film Turning Tides is completed as part of her masters in environmental communication at the University of York, The film, featuring Shark Stewards work supporting the Sustainable Development Goals SDG 14 (Life Underwater) screened at the CoP28 climate conference in Dubai. It will also screen in festivals and venues in 2024 to advocate for shark protection by reducing bycatch and Illegal shark fishing.

We also conducted an exciting exploratory expedition in the Sea of Cortez last month as part of a stakeholder development and media campaign to support a protected swim-way for critically endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks in 2024. With our Mexican partners we will be back in Baja in February and we intend to create a large protected area for sharks in 2024. Check out the slide show here.

We have also received funding for our Indonesia shark and marine protection project, supporting our partners SORCE to collect data to expand a marine protected area and increase shark protection in the region. These diver supported- ecotourism supported efforts are a model we are developing to ensure locally driven support of long term shark and habitat protection.

With our student Katya Korbiane we published a paper in the journal Headwaters Science Institute won the leopard shark die off in the San Francisco Bay, and are leading a movement with UC Berkeley, City and State agencies and other non profits to address toxic die offs in the San Francisco Bay.

Finally, off all non-profits evaluated, the site Impact Ninja voted Shark Stewards as one of the top- two best charities for protecting sharks!

We currently have a charitable art auction opportunity to help support our efforts in 2024 on Betterworld. Please check out the original art and share this success to your network as we go into our end of year fundraising with a goal of raising $25,000 to support the Hammerhead Highway.

Help us protect reef and pelagic sharks by donating and connecting through our Shark Buddy program connecting divers, photographers and sharks. Receive a photo of a real shark and certificate as a gift with your tax deductible donation.

All donations go directly to our campaigns reducing endangered shark bycatch through gear changes in longline tuna fisheries, and collecting data supporting new shark and marine protected areas from Mexico to Asia.

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