Join Shark Stewards and New Jersey born Spicy Shark owner Gabe Disaverio to thank the New Jersey Legislator and Governor Phil Murray for protecting sharks.

Send him an email, a phone call or sign this letter to Thank Governor Murphy.

Once signed, New Jersey will become 13th US State to ban the possession, sale and trade of shark fin, and give global shark populations a chance to survive from finning and overfishing.

We also would like to recognize the bill’s primary sponsors, John Armato, Vincent Mazzeo and J. Raj Mukherji, and Senators. Kip Batemanc and Troy Singleton, as well as cosponsors Clinton Calabrese, Mila Jasey, John McKeon, Carol Murphy, and Andrew Zwicker for their leadership.

The undersigned thank Governor Murphy for attending to this quickly and signing the bill into law.

On November 20 the US House of Representatives made a major gesture towards global shark conservation with the passage of HR 737, a bill that would ban the sale and trade of shark fins in the US.

Shark Stewards
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