Welcome to our media page. Here is a sample of our video and written media produced to fulfill Shark Steward’s mission saving sharks and protecting critical marine habitat. Read about our adventures in ocean conservation. Go to Page.

New Series Alice in Borneo Wonderland- inspiring youth to appreciate and protect wildlife.

Student Mentored Films

  • Whale Sharks and Ecotourism

  • HangOnto Your Butts


Sipadan Shark Special

Some of the Borneo From Below series raising awareness and influencing policy in Malaysian Borneo with Shark Stewards. Produced by media partners Scubazoo.

Save Sabah Sharks.

An initiative with our partners the Sabah Shark Protection Association and our media partners Scubazoo to protect sharks and marine protected areas in Malaysia.

Coral Reef in Crisis

Frontier Borneo- The Shark Project


Cute Sharks on the Hook

The Shark Project: Discovery Preview

Swim For Sharks