Films and Videos With Shark Stewards

Timor Leste- Blue Hope with Dr. Sylvia Earle

Shark Stewards produces films, short documentaries and online series on sharks and marine protection.  Through our partner organization the International Film Festival San Francisco, we screen films at the Cowell Theater Fort Mason in March every year with associated panel discussions featuring luminaries Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr. Barbara Block and filmmakers such as Louis Psihoyos and Robert Nixon.

Our media partners Scubazoo in Malaysia have produced several documentaries featuring our shark and coral conservation work for Discovery and the web.

Alice in Borneo’s Wonderland Part 1 Oceans 

Alice in Borneo’s Wonderland Part 2 Jungle

Trailer Sharks Stewards of the Reef

The Borneo Shark Project

Frontier Borneo- Discovery Asia

Borneo From Below (Part of a series with Scubazoo)