77% of Oceanic Sharks and Rays are Now Threatened with Extinction

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End shark finning and the shark fin trade in Asia

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Restoring Ocean Health by Saving Sharks

Shark species are going extinct. 100,000,000 sharks and rays are killed for their fins each year. 90% of several species are completely absent from their range. Today 25% of all sharks and rays are threatened or near threatened with extinction. Nearly half are missing the scientific data to manage and protect them.

In ten years many species of sharks could go extinct.

Shark Stewards is an international non-profit dedicated to saving sharks and ocean habitat. We work to ensure sharks and marine ecosystems will survive for the benefit of ocean health and remain to inspire and fascinate future generations.

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Shark Stewards saves sharks by supporting regulation to reduce the shark fin trade and overfishing. We support and create marine protected areas for sharks and the habitat they live in. Learn more and take action here.

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Do you love sharks and want to help save them? Shark Stewards has a place for you! Join us at one of our events or help save sharks through outreach, education and action wherever you live. Opportunities for adults and kids!



Sharks are critical for the health and balance of ocean ecosystems. Without sharks, the ocean is sick. Now is the time to save sharks from extinction and protect the ocean they live in. Help us save them with your donation.


Shark Stewards is at the forefront of shark protection. Please, support their work

—Dr. Sylvia A. Earle,
National Geographic Explorer, Founder Mission Blue

Support sharks and their reef habitat directly by creating marine protected areas and implementing no shark fishing policies in SE Asia. Your $100 donation goes to data collection, monitoring and increased protection for mobula rays and sharks and the coral reef they inhabit.

Your adoption includes a signed certificate with a high quality image of a reef shark suitable for framing, with a name you provide.

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End the Fin and Keep Sharks Swimming

Shark finning is the abhorrent and wasteful practice of cutting off a shark’s fins and discarding the body back into the ocean to drown or bleed to death. Sharks are also being overfished globally, largely driven by the demand for shark fin to make shark fin soup. The shark fin trade in the U.S. contributes to plummeting shark populations across the world. Ending consumption and trade will save millions of sharks.

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Support Marine National Monuments

In an Executive Order dated January 21, 2021, President Biden announced his administration would review the monument’s status including the Bears Ears of Utah and the NE Atlantic Marine National Monument. Included in this review will be the Trump Administrations proposal to allow commercial fishing in the Pacific Island protected areas in the the…

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Stop California Shark Bycatch

For decades, California fishers have targeted swordfish, mako, and thresher sharks as market catch using drift gill nets, or drift nets. To a lesser degree, white sea bass have been used targeting inshore driftnets. These nets have captured tons of swordfish and sharks, also killing thousands of other animals like seabirds, marine mammals and…

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