How to Help

We have positions for committed shark lovers wherever you live

We currently have openings for a social media developer/coordinator, graphic artists and grant writer/development coordinator.

Things You Can Do:

  • Join the Shark Stewards Team at one of our California events
  • Invite us to speak, show a film or guest lecture to your group or event
  • Sponsor our Live Like a Shark education series
  • Investigate and document the local shark trade and start a Shark Steward Chapter
  • Host a film event as a fundraising party to support Shark Stewards
  • Create a school shark club
  • Fin Fridays- start a happy hour, book club, film screening or other get togethers and tag Shark Stewards
  • Alternatives to Fins- hold a cooking party and make Faux shark fin soup-or other fish, and share on Shark Stewards instagram
  • Organize an athletic event like a run for sharks or ride, or sponsor an athlete to raise money for the cause
  • Make a slide show or video and place on You Tube, Vimeo or other sites, tag us on Facebook at Shark Stewards
  • Clean up a beach, park, school or waterway and record your data
  • Sell cookies, host a lemon-aid stand, get signatures on our petitions
  • Table at events like fairs, community events, museums and aquariums and share our work where you live
  • Design shark shirts or art and sell online
  • Help with web upkeep and social media
  • Share our message on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In #SharkStewards
Aquatic Park Stewards, documenting marine plastic in our National Park

Donations go directly towards protecting sharks from overfishing and the shark fin trade in North America and in SE Asia. In the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles we participate in education and outreach activities bringing youth to the water, conducting beach plastic surveys and ecoblitzes. In SE Asia we are working in policy to protect sharks and coral in the Coral Triangle.

Join Our Shark Team

We are always seeking volunteers and have a few intern opportunities per year. We can always use grant writers, copy writers, experienced social media developers and fund raising. If you think you are a good match, please contact us. Virtual opportunities are available.

Use Social Media to Spread the Word

Share #sharkstewards on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media. Follow our You Tube channel at Shark Stewards

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