Print & Media

Shark Stewards produces conservation films and print media to help fulfill our education mission saving sharks and protecting marine habitat. We have unique b-roll, can produce films and short video and focus on reaching a Chinese speaking market to reduce fish and shark fin consumption.

A film on sharks and adventure in Borneo, inspiring youth to appreciate and protect wildlife.
Shark Stewards nominated Timor Leste as a Hope Spot with the Timor Leste Marine Tourism Association and Mission Blue.
Reefs to Rainforest, an Emmy Award Winning Film for Broadcast, Field Produced by David McGuire with the California Academy of Sciences and ABC News

A selection of the Borneo From Below series produced with media partners Scubazoo.

Part of the Borneo From Below series with Scubazoo, on shark diving and conservation
Part of the Borneo From Below series with Scubazoo, revealing shark threats

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Restoring coral reefs with partner Dr. Steve Oakley and Tropical Reef Conservation Centre
Saving sharks in Sabah, Malaysia through dive eco-tourism
Part of Borneo From Below Series on sharks in Malaysian Borneo
A Discovery Asia series on Shark Stewards and wildlife protection
Wired Magazine Feature on Shark Stewards with Sea Shepherds
A Sharktober Conversation With Dr. Sylvia Earle, Liz Taylor and Shark Steward’s David McGuire

Films by Shark Stewards

Trailer to our first film Sharks: Stewards of the Reef
A film on San Francisco Bay Sharks produced by David McGuire
A film on saving sharks of the San Francisco Bay produced by David McGuire

Student Mentored Films