Saving Endangered Marine Megafauna- Endangered Species Day

Join Shark Stewards for a celebration of wildlife and discussion on endangered marine megafauna and why we should save them from extinction. Facebook Live discussion with Q/A and video with experts on manta rays, whales, sharks and the endangered species act. Kristen Monsell, Center for Biological Diversity Mark Palmer, Director International Marine Mammal Project, Earth […]

Collecting Data in California MPAs

As part of the California Marine Protected Area Collaborative Network,  Shark Stewards is participating with the California Academy of Sciences and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in subtidal surveys of California MPAs as part of the Snapshot Cal Coast.

Socorro Giant Manta Expedition

Socorro Island Baja California

 Members and students will be developing and collecting data via underbelly photographs and measurements for a new cutting edge cloud based database of giant mantas that we are developing using facial recognition software to allow researchers to learn more about these unknown pelagic animals. Blue Endeavors members may participate in this project or simply enjoy seeing the results in the evenings.