Adopt a Shark and Receive a Certificate! Beginning in 2018, our new program is dedicated to saving protecting reef sharks in Indonesia and Timor Leste.  Donations go to identifying and tracking reef sharks in and around marine protected areas in new conservation areas. With our local policies and Timor Blue, we are supporting marine area protection, policy to stop the shark fin trade and protect critical shark habitat.  Your $100 US donation goes to saving a shark that would be killed for its fins, and supports dive tourism based citizen science at our conservation centers.  

Shark Stewards

Join Shark Stewards Director David McGuire in June of 2020 at the “Secret Gilies” on Lombok Island. Join us diving (or learning how to dive) and helping with hands-on shark, coral reef and reef protection.  SORCE teaches marine biology, and offers Basic and Advanced Open Water PADI SCUBA certifications in a tropical setting.  

These trips include hands-on conservation, learning Reef Check and Fish Survey methodologies gathering data at the field station and diving. If you are not SCUBA certified dive certifications are offered by SORCE for an additional fee.

The field station lodging includes traditional cabins just 10 meters from the beach. Fresh local food is provided and prepared by our native staff with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.  Contact us for more information on these exclusive trips, benefitting our conservation work summer 2018. Adopt a Reef System and Restore a Coral Reef for Sea Turtles and Sharks

Reef Check

Restore a Reef

Support our work with our partners at the SORCE Conservation Centre on Lombok Island by donating or joining us in the field. Donations support growing coral fragments and constructing reef friendly systems that stabilize and restore coral reefs that have been damaged. Students and volunteers help cultivate coral on coral trees and replant areas that have been damaged in hands-on conservation.