United Nations: CALL TO ACTION on Plastic Waste

Shark Stewards is a signatory to an appeal to end global plastic pollution through prevention, alternate manufacturing and accountability.

The need for urgent negotiation of a new global treaty to address the global plastic pollution crisis has emerged as a clear priority for the coming year, now endorsed by a majority of UN Member States and a wide variety of business voices. The undersigned organizations stand in solidarity with the global community in calling for an ambitious and comprehensive solution to address the scourge of plastic pollution. 

We are calling for a legally binding global instrument on plastic pollution covering measures along the entire life cycle of plastics, including extraction of feedstocks, production, transport, use, disposal, and remediation. Governments should agree to a mandate coming out of UNEA5.2 to negotiate and adopt such an ambitious new agreement, with specific legally-binding provisions and obligations to prevent and remediate plastic pollution and its toxic impacts.

We ask Member States of the United Nations to quickly negotiate a new legally binding instrument to end the ongoing threat to human, animal, and environmental health from plastics. This process must be predicated on a just and robust system for ensuring stakeholder participation and meaningful implementation at all levels under a human rights-based approach.

We do not have time to wait nor waste. The time to act is now.

En español: https://bit.ly/TratadoDeLosPlásticos