Volunteer Positions

Shark Stewards is a grass (kelp) roots organization relying on volunteer energy to save sharks and protect ocean habitat. We always have hands on need during our Butts clean ups,  World Oceans Day and Sharktoberfest celebrations, but we also rely on volunteers for our education program, grant writing and outreach. With petitions and social media you can help us from anywhere in the world by sharing our causes, shares and likes.

Volunteer Coordinator 

Shark Stewards is seeking an organized, committed individual to communicate and organize our shark team. We fight for sharks but we have fun doing it- and occasionally we dive with them

We are seeking a person or persons in the Bay Area who can spend 4 hours/week working with our director to:

  • coordinate our volunteer list;
  • develop new volunteers;
  • reach out to volunteers directly and by email;
  • help coordinate activities and manage activities;
  • be creative and have fun communicating shark and marine protection;
  • build our network to advance the shark stewards mission saving sharks from the shark fin trade and overfishing, and establish marine protected areas.


David and Shark Team
Shark Team at the Science Fair

Development Coordinator

A necessary requirement to perpetuate our mission is funding. Our organization is currently supported by grants and donations with some corporate sponsorship. To build our program with the objective of hiring a staff member, we are seeking experienced volunteers with grant writing and donor/corporate development to help build capacity.  We are hoping to build a personal relationship and build capacity so that our shark conservation success will endure.

The Development Coordinator will work closely with the Director to:

  • help refine new and existing grant language;
  • research new foundations for the MPA, marine debris (butt) and education programs;
  • work with donors to develop the shark fin campaign;
  • expand on corporate program to fund the Malaysia Shark Conservation Campaign;
  • plan fundraisers including a donor dinner.

Education Lead

We are seeking to build our education program reaching more schools and youth in the Bay Area. We are seeking experienced educators or communicators to flesh out our existing materials into lesson plans or activities around sharks, ecosystems and marine protection.

The lead will work closely with the Director to:

  • help refine existing content;
  • develop web content for MPA, marine debris (butt) and education programs;
  • develop activities to support the shark fin campaign;
  • research funding potential to support the education programs;
  • develop handouts, infographs or other shark content.

Media Devlopment Lead

Shark Stewards has the ability to produce and edit high definition media content. We are seeking someone experienced in story telling, photographic or video experience, and editing experience to hep develop short incisive content to support shark conservation and our brand.

The lead will work closely with the Director to:

  • produce a series of shorts on shark adventure and conservation;
  • digital editing skills in Creative Pro or Final Cut Pro
  • experience behind the camera;
  • organize, help with digital assets management;
  • creative content development, unique POV;
  • digitize media for you tube and web uploads;
  • research funding potential for development of a longer film.