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URGENT! Protect Kona Reefs- Send a Letter to BLNR

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Dear Friend,

There is an urgent opportunity to join us in taking action today to protect Hawai’ian reefs. The Hawai’i Supreme Court ruled that reef wildlife could not be stripped from the reefs in Hawai’i. In July 2021, the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources let this ruling lapse, allowing collectors to resume. The consequences have been devastating. 
 Your voice matters: send a letter to the Bureau of Land and Natural Resources by Wednesday evening!


Suggested letter:

Dear Hawai’i BLNR:
Re: Agenda item F.1
I oppose the Environmental Impact Statement as invalid, and illegitimate, and in disregard of the Hawai’ian culture as ruled by the Supreme Court of the State of Hawai’i. The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council prepared the document seeking permits on behalf of 10 individuals.  The Board of Land and Natural Resources has the discretion and authority to prevent the issuing of aquarium permits” through the Hawai‘i Constitution. 
The claim of “sustainability” has been used for too long, at the expense of Hawai’i public trust, for the benefit of commercial interests. The aquarium trade only takes reef wildlife from Hawai’i and leaves nothing. People around the world have Hawai’i in their hearts and spend a billion dollars annually on reef activities that take nothing from the reef. Hawai’ian reef wildlife should remain in the waters of Hawai’i, not in glass tanks globally.
Your Name
Reef Wildlife Lover

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