Aquatic Park Beach Watch Internship Available

Aquatic Park Stewards Beach Watch Internship

Marine Debris Clean Aquatic Park Beach Survey

Internship Description

With the San Francisco Dolphin Club, Shark Stewards is conducting long term beach clean ups and surveys of the Aquatic Park National Marine Heritage Area in San Francisco to quantify and help mitigate marine debris and reduce plastic and cigarette butt waste on this City Beach. We are seeking a self starting mature high school or college intern to coordinate and help lead our Beach Walk and Marine Debris program.

This fun, satisfying activity in the short term has long term benefits for the health of the Bay and ocean and is leading to policy solutions to mitigate cigarette butt waste.

This internship will include field coordination of bi-weekly beach walks and clean ups over the summer, and record data using NOAA methodology. The candidate must be gregarious and willing to interact with the public and volunteers. Oversight will be provided by the Shark Steward’s Director and project lead coordinators in his absence.

History of Project

We are conducting transects according to NOAA methodology for Shoreline surveys, recording marine debris > 2.5 cm or bottle cap size, by class e.g. metal, plastic, paper and categories harmful to marine wildlife, including bottle caps, straws and focusing on cigarette butts. The transect methodology includes human and animal species observations. We have been conducting these every other Saturday since December and have a spreadsheet that needs constant updating. The project is focusing on cigarette butt waste by counting and retaining butts in the Aquatic Park for reporting to the National Parks System with the goal of increased education and mitigation of butt waste. (See fact sheet)

Specific Duties

The intern will:

  • coordinate the clean ups with volunteers in advance by email, Facebook;
  • work with National Park’s staff and volunteers ahead of the beach walks by email and during the beach walks;
  • categorize debris as well as provide data entry
  • maintain sign in sheets, provide clean up supplies and help collect and categorize debris
  • segregate and record items by class using the NOAA data sheet and recycle/dispose of everything but butts and the shotgun shells
  • enter data into an excel spreadsheet on google docs.
  • maintain clean up supplies e.g. Gloves, buckets coffee bags for butts located in the power boat shed at the Dolphin Club. Helps keep the space clean and orderly.
  • research grant and funding opportunities
  • interface with local business and employee/volunteers on community days
  • solicit product donations form local businesses e.g. burrito certificates from In and Out,
  • assist with education and outreach activities.


Must be friendly, outgoing and independent. Be able to walk in sand, bend over, carry 35 pounds of weight. Use of Microsoft word and excel, google docs. Photography, editing of short videos a plus. Training will be provided.

Hours: 8-12 hours/week, June 5- August 31 Clean ups are held bi-weekly on Saturdays at 0900-1030 meeting at the benches outside the Dolphin Club at the east end of the Park.

Compensation: This is an uncompensated position but fun and fulfillment in keeping the San Francisco Bay are rewarding!

Contact David Mcguire david (at)