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Chinese Shark Ambassador Darci Liu Loves Sharks

Shark Stewards Chinese Ambassador Darci Liu Dan speaks out in support of sharks and ocean love. Darci grew up almost 1,000 kilometers away from the nearest ocean and studied ballet until she learned to swim at the age of 18. After being introduced to the sport in 2007, she is now considered China’s first female ‘pro’ surfer who helped pioneer the sport in the country, and has taken part in the past three Hainan World Longboard championships. Darci learned how to dive in Borneo in 2016 where she became a Dive Master within a year. In Sabah, Malaysia Darci explored a new career as an ocean advocate on video with ScubaZoo, communicating ocean love to her native China.  She learned to love sharks and help protect them and is now our spokesman to help save sharks from soup and overfishing.

May the Year of the Rooster be prosperous and healthy for you and your family.

Please help keep the ocean healthy by saying no to shark fin soup.

Sharks are important for the health and bounty of the sea.


Shark fin is robbing future generations of healthy fish and other ocean life.

Together, we can share the wealth of the sea by keeping sharks alive.