Run for Sharks – Virtually!

Great white shark attacks triathlete Maria Korcemaros, and she attacks shark extinction. We are running for sharks virtually!

Sharktober Conversation With Dr. Sylvia Earle

In a DIVE IN first, David McGuire, Founder and Director of Shark Stewards, will Zoom in for this episode from his expedition vessel. He is currently on a voyage in the high seas to study and film mako, blue and thresher sharks.

Saving Sharks of the Coral Triangle

Join Shark Stewards this March 8 from 9am onwards and be a part of the ocean conversation at the ‘Blu Hope on Commonwealth Day’!

Monthly Shark Team Zoom

Join Shark Stewards Director and Board Members on a monthly get together with our volunteer team. During COVID we are having these friend builders, with short film, shark trivia, prizes and action. These are also work meetings with break out on projects to inform and act. David McGuire is inviting you to our monthly volunteer […]

The Best Bad Shark Movie Contest

Please tune in and win a shirt for the winning worst shark movie contest.
Add your entry! We will all celebrate together post COVID and watch the winner

Aquatic Stewards Beach Cleanups

Thanks for joining Shark Stewards  keeping the ocean healthy and clean! We are trying to build healthy communities and this is a COVID safe, environmentally friendly and community action for good.

Art for Sharks, Discussion with Ocean Artist Sarah Philips

Learn about how art inspires activism. Part of Shark Stewards Art for Sharks ongoing conversation series with ocean artists and activists with Brisbane artist Sarah Philips.  Hosted by David McGuire and board member Pamela Comstock on Shark Stewards Facebook live on Thursday April 1st 6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST, and April 2nd 11:00am AEST. Sarah […]

World Aquatic Wildlife Day

Join Shark Stewards celebrating and protecting ocean life on
World Aquatic Animal Day
This year’s theme is The Impact of Our Human Activities on Aquatic Animals