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Free Online California Marine Protected Area Training

New Release for Citizen Science Month- free training for docents, educators and public released.

The online training provides an overview of the California Marine Protected Area (MPA) Network created for existing docent and educational programs to complement their current training. The training is intended to increase our coastal educator’s knowledge about MPAs in the state. These free online training courses were created for programs working to protect, conserve, and educate the public on California’s Network of Marine Protected Areas.

The training is applicable statewide and can be offered to docents, interpreters, ocean business employees, students, and the general public. Those that complete the training modules will receive a certificate of completion.

These training modules were created by the Golden Gate MPA Collaborative with support from the Ocean Protection Council and Coastal Quest. 

The Golden Gate MPA Collaborative has successfully brought together environmental NGOs, agencies, fishermen, scientists, aquaria and vessel captains interested in raising awareness of marine protected areas in Marin and San Francisco counties, including the Farallon Islands.Like the Golden Gate MPA Collaborative on Facebook


Golden Gate Marine Protected Area

The Golden Gate MPA Collaborative is represented by State Parks, Fish and Wildlife Service at the Farallon Islands, the Point Reyes National Seashore, California Academy of Sciences, NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries, Greater Farallones Association, Seabird Protection Network, Environmental Action Committee of West Marin, additional marine and coastal non-profit organizations, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The Golden Gate MPA Collaborative co- chaired by David McGuire, Shark Stewards; Morgan Patton, Environmental Action Committee of West Marin; and Paul Hobi, Seabird Protection Network. The work group is tasked with developing tools and stakeholder engagement to help increase awareness about marine protected areas and setbacks, and minimize incursions by fishermen into protected areas in MPAS around San Francisco and Marin Counties.  The Collaborative is supported by grants from Resources Legacy Fund and the Ocean Protection Council.

Become an MPA Ambassador

MPA Education Resources
Download a toolkit and other MPA educational materials from the California MPAS website and learn about marine protected areas.  Download the Golden Gate MPA Brochure to learn about MPAs near the San Francisco Bay Area. The Golden Gate MPA Collaborative Ambassador program has developed outreach materials for use by fishermen and public at the South East Farallon Island, Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Duxbury Reef and Point Reyes. Download a toolkit and other MPA educational materials from the California MPAS website and learn about marine protected areas.  

MPA Information
Charter boat captains and whale watch vessels help support the MPA network by distributing materials and information about California’s network of MPAs. Information kiosks and signage have been installed at key ports and harbors to provide information for the general public and fisherman about MPAs and their locations. Download the Golden Gate MPA Brochure.

MPA Public Engagement Opportunities
The public is able to participate to support MPAs in many different ways by volunteering with programs like MPA WatchBeach Watch and LIMPETS ).