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Give the Gift of Sharks

This holiday season give the gift of sharks and a healthy ocean.

Adopt a real living shark and get a unique certificate of a shark tagged and released to restore an overfished ecosystem and protect them in Malaysia. We can send an electronic certificate on Christmas Day!


Shark Stewards is rescuing sharks destined for the fin trade and has reintroduced over 75 sharks of 3 species. We are tagging and tracking these sharks and with the coral reef restoration work with our partners at the Tropical Research and Conservation Center (TRACC) on the Bornean island of Pom Pom, divers are now enjoying, studying and protecting these overfished sharks.

Check out the trailer for the Discovery series Frontier Borneo on our work.  Saving Sharks in Borneo https://youtu.be/kebz4OBBPcs

Adopt a Shark

Borneo From Below

More on Saving Sharks in Borneo. Cute Cat sharks on the Hook

Sharks of the Bay and National Marine Sanctuary by Fiorella Ikue. Beautifully illustrated and hand labeled- a precursor to our book on the Sharks, Skates and Rays of the San Francisco Bay and Sanctuaries.

Order today and shipping is free!


Join shark stewards and their conservation partners for a celebration on New Years Eve in LA. Silent auction, dancing, champagne at the Lincoln Speakeasy in West Los Angeles. Funds raised will go to support an expedition to Borneo and Timor Leste to study and conserve habitat and species from corals to Blue whales.

Shark Stewards at Speakeasy Get tickets now!

Check our shark store for other gift ideas including custom T shirts, hats and water bottles.