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Help us enforce the California Shark Fin Ban

It is now illegal under California State law to possess, sell, offer for sale or trade sharks fin or shark fin products.

However, violations are being reported. Fines are low, profits are high and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife are undermanned.  Although one case of egregious violation is currently in the courts against the Kwong Tip Seafood Trading Company of San Francisco, for stockpiling over 2000 pounds of shark fin, countless other businesses are still selling shark fin.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife needs our help reporting poachers and violators of wildlife protection laws including the possession, sale or trade of shark fin or shark fin products including shark fin soup. We can help protect sharks and put the teeth in the California Shark Fin Ban, now upheld by the courts.

Here is how citizens can help:

  • Tweet #SFSharkAlert with the address or location if you observe a violation.
  • Report to Shark Stewards and we will follow up.
  • * Take an image on your phone and share on SharkStewards Facebook.
  • * Observe businesses posting shark fin soup or products for sale and reporting them to us or to Cal-TIP at 888.334-2258.
  • * Ask employees if they serve shark fin soup and report that information to Cal- TIP or to Shark Stewards.
  • * Take photographs of shark fin products in California and reporting that information
  • * Report any shark without fins or shark fins from fresh sharks