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High Whale Numbers Recorded in Sanctuaries- Join Shark Stewards on an Expedition

Join Shark Stewards on our specialized Sharktober Farallon Island expeditions, viewing wildlife and learning about sharks. More details here.


Greater Farallones and Cordell Bank national marine sanctuaries, and Point Blue Conservation Science’s Applied California Current Ecosystem Studies cruise recently encountered several large concentrations (130-160 whales) of feeding humpback and blue whales, and many seabirds and chicks, off Sonoma and Marin County; many whales were feeding in the north shipping lane.

Net sampling recorded abundant small-sized krill. Data collected helps gauge the severity of the warm-water “blob” north and south of the Bay Area, the onset of El Niño, and how this area supports localized productivity within our region.

Warm waters are also bringing subtropical species like Mako sharks up the coast into our waters, and our Great White Sharks are returning from their migration to feed on elephant seals.

Join Shark Stewards on a special Farallon Island Shark Talk/wildlife expedition September 19 and Octiber 3rd on the Vessel Outer Limits out of Sausalito.

Book in advance for October 3rd, and 25th and receive a discount using this  code.