It’s Earth Day, Protect a Shark

Earth Day is a time for us to reflect on the state of our planet and to take action to protect it. One of the most pressing environmental issues facing our world today is the rapid decline in shark populations. Sharks are vital to the health of our oceans, yet every year, an estimated 100 million sharks are killed, often for their fins, which are used in shark fin soup.

As a member of a shark conservation non-profit, I am passionate about protecting these magnificent creatures and preserving the balance of our oceans. Sharks have been around for more than 400 million years, and they play a crucial role in maintaining healthy ocean ecosystems. They are apex predators, which means that they are at the top of the food chain, and their presence helps to regulate populations of other marine animals. Without sharks, the entire ocean ecosystem could collapse.Unfortunately, many species of sharks are facing extinction due to overfishing and habitat destruction. Some species have declined by as much as 90% in the last few decades. We must take action now to protect these animals and ensure that they continue to thrive in our oceans.
One of the most effective ways to protect sharks is to ban the practice of shark finning. This practice involves catching sharks, cutting off their fins, and then throwing them back into the ocean to die. Shark finning is a cruel and wasteful practice, and it is driving many species of sharks to the brink of extinction. By banning shark finning, we can protect these animals and ensure that they are not needlessly killed for their fins.

In addition to banning shark finning, we can also work to reduce overfishing and protect shark habitats. Many sharks are caught accidentally as bycatch, and this can have a devastating impact on their populations. By implementing better fishing practices and regulations, we can reduce the number of sharks that are accidentally caught and ensure that their populations remain healthy.

Finally, we can also work to educate people about the importance of sharks and the role they play in our oceans. Many people are afraid of sharks and view them as dangerous predators. While it is important to be cautious when swimming in the ocean, sharks are not the mindless killers that many people believe them to be. By educating people about the important role that sharks play in our oceans, we can help to dispel myths and misconceptions about these animals and encourage more people to take action to protect them.

In conclusion, sharks are a vital part of our oceans, and we must take action now to protect them. By banning shark finning, reducing overfishing, protecting shark habitats, and educating people about the importance of sharks, we can help to ensure that these magnificent creatures continue to thrive in our oceans for generations to come. On this Earth Day, let us commit to protecting our planet and all of the incredible species that call it home. Join us and get involved protecting sharks and world health.

Michael Bear,

Boardmember, Shark Stewards

Community Science Director 

EIN 46-5209246

501c3 Nonprofit