Keeping the Sharks in Shark Week- UPS Campaign

Saturday July 11, Take Action During Shark Week, San Francisco and Fight for Sharks

Join us in a Global Day of Action for Sharks in San Francisco to urge United Parcel Service to stop shipping shark fins as cargo, and support the shark fin bans in progress. US Customs records shows tons of shark fins are being shipped through the US to Asia, any imported from countries without shark finning regulations, or from illegal, unregulated or unreported shark fisheries.

Endangered and protected Hammerhead shark fins have been documented leaving Costa Rica for Hong Kong on American Airlines and United Parcel Service flights.  More background information here.

Tell UPS to join nearly 30 airlines (including American and United)  by saying no to shark fin.

Send Email to UPS CEO David Abney and tell hime to support sharks and stop transporting shark fin.

Join us at 11 AM on Saturday July 11 telling the world we care about sharks and the ocean.  Meet at the steps across from the clock tower at the San Francisco Ferry Terminal, 1 Embarcadero. Wear your shark costume, make a sign, share the message and show your voice that sharks count on this shark week.

Background information on our successful campaigns against United and other airlines to reduce the shark fin trade.


Each day during Sharkweek visit us online and share your favorite shark stories, blogs and videos and we will compile them into a social media campaign during the vaunted Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” July 2015.

We will feature a local shark with fun facts and your shark stories. Join the live Google Shark Hangout on Thursday July 9. Join us at 11 AM and share your tales- fins attached!

Shark populations are declining at an alarming rate. Over 1/4 of shark and ray species have been listed as threatened with extinction by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
Help us show the world that we care about the plight of sharks, and that sharks are more endangered than dangerous.

Sharks need our help.
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