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February 14, 2024 Newsletter

A new report on The State of the World’s Migratory Species report reveals that 97% of fishes listed under the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) are threatened with extinction. Overfishing, pollution and bycatch are driving the dramatic declines.

Of the species listed, fishes are the most threatened. Species like giant manta rays, whale sharks and oceanic whitetip sharks have seen an average population decline of 90% since 1970. In part, this is likely because the large ranges of these species make them habitat to protect.Work is underway to identify and protect Important Shark and Ray Areas (ISRAs). Included in this category is the Sea of Cortez where we have joined forces with the Mexican NGO Pelagios Kakunja to protect critically endangered scalloped hammerhead shark’s migratory and nursery habitat.

The consensus from the CMB is to increase habitat protection, stop exploitation and urgently take additional action to conserve at-risk Appendix II species. These are all major strategies of Shark Stewards to save endangered sharks. Sharks need our love now more than ever.

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Proposed Changes to Bay Area MPAs- Join our MPA Collaborative

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Last year, the California Fish and Wildlife Commission published the findings of the decadal review on our state Marine Protected Area (MPA) network. As part of the Adaptive Management for Local MPA Petitions process, our collaborative members in the Golden Gate MPA Collaborative have requested changes in MPA  regulations at two locations in Marin County, the Drakes Estero and Duxbury Reef. As one of the co-chairs of this collaborative network, we are encouraging engagement in our community. 

The Golden Gate MPA Collaborative engages the coastal community and visitors in San Francisco and Marin Counties. We are planning on hosting an event this spring where the public can learn more about our local marine protection and wildlife. If you are interested, click below to join the Golden Gate MPA mailing list, and learn more if you live in the Bay Area or along the California coast.

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Two Species of Ancient Sharks Described

Paleontologists announced the discovery this month of two new species of ancient sharks in the family CtenacanthsTroglocladodus trimblei and Glikmanius careforum, were identified by fossils collected in deposits from Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and northern Alabama, site of an ancient sea dating back 325 million years ago. These predecessors of modern sharks all had barbs on their spines used for defense that, along with their teeth and jaws, left behind a fossil record.
Scientists found juvenile teeth that belonged to Troglocladodus trimblei that was likely about 10 – 12 feet long, around the same size of a modern oceanic white tip shark. Glikmanius careforum pushes the origins of this Glikmanius genus back over 50 million years earlier than expected!  By the shape of its jaw and teeth, it likely would have been an effective predator hunting bony fish, squid-like creatures, and smaller sharks. 

One third of all living species like the Oceanic Whitetip and Scalloped Hammerheads are imminently threatened with extinction. Help us protect these sharks from fishing and their habitat and prevent them joining their ancestors in an untimely extinction, We won’t let this happen on our watch.

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To keep sharks swimming, it is urgent we protect them, including the ecosystems they inhabit. Join the team and help keep sharks and marine ecosystems alive and thriving!

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