Observe, Record and Identify Sharks

 As part of Shark Watch CA, Shark Stewards is coordinating a community science event in La Jolla cove to spread the word about sevengill sharks and collect data using photo ID. With the Ocean Sanctuaries Sevengill Shark ID we will add images to the WildMe database as part of our Marine Megafauna Ai program engaging the community to provide observations on sharks, shark encounters and shark catch.

An exclusive group of trained and certified divers can join us on a two tank dive May 22 in La Jolla Cove with Water Horse Charters on the Camarāo. The Camarāo is a 6 person dive boat with experienced crew and captain. 

Cost is $155 for weights and two tanks, and a Shark Stewards beanie. Included is a private zoom on California Sharks with Shark Stewards on May 19 with marine biologist David McGuire of Shark Stewards. Deposit required with full payment due one week before the dive. Divers are responsible for proof of vaccination, advanced open water dive certification or higher and sign a waiver on the vessel. Dive equipment can be rented in La Jolla.

Check out more details about the Camarão here

7Gill Shark

All observations go into the Sevengill Shark ID Database

Click on the shark to download the sevengill science sheet.

Sevengill drawing