San Francisco Kids Oceans Day 2015,

Leopard OverheadAerial Image © Kevin Lozaw Photography

San Francisco Kids Oceans Day 2015, May 8 at Ocean Beach.

On May 8, 700 Bay Area youth celebrated sharks and the ocean at the 22nd annual Kids Ocean Day Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Up and the 4th annual in San Francisco. Coordinated by the San Francisco Marine Science Institute, Shark Stewards participated in this beach activity uniting students along California’s coast, from Humboldt County to San Diego, in a project that is relevant, interactive and empowering. Shark Stewards was there documenting the event and filming a time lapse of the event as part of our Shark Watch  education program supported by the California Coastal Conservancy.

Students see how every neighborhood is connected to the ocean and how communities near and far are connected through the watershed. Everyone can impact the marine environment and make a positive change, and participants in Adopt-A-Beach will be empowered to do so right here in the Bay Area.

Students from 7 Bay Area schools converged on Ocean Beach in San Francisco participating in a huge beach clean-up. This fun field trip not only bolsters the lessons learned at school, but also motivates students to put these lessons into action by taking part in this statewide, hands-on project. As a final celebration of the students’ achievement, a photograph was taken by helicopter of the students on the beach as they formed the image of a leopard shark and the words ”Unite for the Sea.”