The Year of the Blue Shark

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Solutions for Sharks 
Building Shark Stewards
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————————————————————————————————-Solutions for Sharks and Ocean Health

There are many threats to sharks- but we have solutions. 
Marine protected areas, shark fin trade bans and fisheries restrictions- like the newly won ban on gill nets in California- are saving sharks and other threatened marine life. A healthy ocean needs sharks.

Protecting habitat and educating youth are critical so that our Bay and ocean will endure. Help us save sharks and protect ocean health by saving the blues from the shark fin trade.

New Shark Stewards Chapter
Building Support for Blue Sharks in The Year of the Blue

Twenty million blue sharks are caught each year, many to supply the shark fin trade. We are building the shark movement at DEMA and with chapters in Southern California and Florida. Once home to thousands of blue sharks, divers are aware that these sharks are disappearing from the Pacific and the Atlantic- primarily in tuna long-line fisheries selling the fins into the shark fin trade. 2019 is the Year of the Blue  Learn how you can help.

MATCHING GRANT A private foundation has generously offered $10,000 to match donations to support the Aquatic Park Youth Stewards and marine protection program. Your donations go to education, direct action, and advocacy. Check out our deliverables in 2018, and see where your money goes.

eBay Tax Deductible Online Auction
Thanks to new sponsors Scuba Pro and donations from Armor Bags, AquaSketch, Indigo Industries, SAMS, Sharkbanz, Osprey Packs, Dive Oahu and US Gladius and artist Tom Ciccione for their donations to Shark Stewards. Get a great deal and buy dive equipment at our online auction.

Happy holidays from the Shark Stewards team! Join our ocean network and support underserved youth in our national-award winning program. Our team and your support bring kids to the shore participating as citizen scientists while catalyzing advocacy to protect sharks and the ocean. We fight for sharks and ocean health in the water and through legislation.

We have reached over 25%  of our matching funds goal for our youth program! Please help us receive the full $10,000 in matching funds.

More than 100 million sharks are killed every year for their fins. Millions of seahorses are pulverized to create an imaginary aphrodisiac. And Matt Oliver is out to stop the carnage. Donate $25 today and receive a copy of Tropical Ice. Donated by author Ben Davidson of Undercurrent, this  page-turning Ecothriller helps raise awareness for sharks and ocean health.
Until January 1, your donations will be doubled.

Shark Stewards is a 4 star Charity Navigator, Platinum Guidestar ranked charity and a proud project of the Earth Island Institute.

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