Shark Stewards Joins Rob Stewart’s Revolution

Shark Stewards is teaming up with award winning filmmaker to save sharks with the film “Revolution”.
Revolution is a feature documentary about the evolution of life and the revolution to save us. The highly anticipated follow up to the hit Sharkwater, Revolution was filmed over four years in 15 countries, and contains never before seen footage of some of the world’s most unique creatures interwoven with a dramatic story of youth activists trying to save their future.

“Revolution brings the biggest issue on the planet to audiences in a positive and engaging way. It’s not about one particular NGO or strategy – it’s about using all our strategies to save the world we depend on for survival, and our future.” Said Revolution’s Rob Stewart.

Revolution is a film to empower and inspire audiences around the biggest issues threatening humanity, and let them see into the beginnings of the biggest movement that’s ever existed that is rising to meet this challenge.
“We are excited to help distribute the revolutionary message and film. Rob Stewart’s work has been significant for saving sharks and ocean life, and has been instrumental in the Shark Stewards anti shark finning and fin campaigns.” Said David McGuire, Director of the ocean conservation no profit Shark Stewards. “By making the film available through the Shark Steward’s web site and through social media we can spread the word and save the oceans we love.”