Sharks Worth More Alive Than Dead

New research indicates that nurse shark antibodies are eight times more effective at killing COVID virus than human antibodies. Over 450 million years sharks have survived 5 great extinction events, perhaps even six for sharks in the recent Miocene, and evolved into highly adapated animals playing important roles in diverse ocean ecosystems from apex predators to deep sea foragers.

Sharks remove the sick, the stupid and the slow members of populations shaping stronger genetic and physical health in the remaining prey population. Middle predators and bottom sharks and rays eat the sick, the wek and the dea keeping the benthic ecosystems free of decay and disease.

  • Oceanic shark and ray populations have declined by 71% since the 1970s. Read more about this landmark paper here.
  • Sharks affect climate change and they can be a part of the solution.

Sharks-are-becoming-functionally-extinct-around-the-world with far greater impacts


100 species of sharks and rays are listed by the IUCN as threatened with extinction, only 46 of these are protected from illegal trade by CITES.

Why Saving Sharks

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