Sharktober News

Sharktober- An Annual Celebration of the Shark with Shark Stewards

We are celebrating the return of the white sharks to our sanctuary after their annual migration. Join us celebrating and motivating to save sharks!

September 14  11AM- 6PM Sailfest and Whalefest with Modern Sailing Academy at Marina Plaza, Sausalito.  Live music, sailboat rides, food and ocean information.

September 27 and October 11  Sharktober Farallon Island Cruises-(others may be added) Join us on a specialized naturalist expedition on the vessel Outer Limits leaving Sausalito into the Gulf of the Farallones for whales, wildlife seabirds- and maybe a shark!  These trips include expert discussions, data collection and oceanographic measurements for a full field experience.  Not your normal whale watch trip – although humpbacks and Blues are in the Sanctuary. Sign up here.  

October 1, 6:00-8:00 PM Screening Extinction Soup and shark talk– Patagonia store, 770 North Point Ave, San Francisco. Shark libations and prizes to support the shark sanctuary.

October 9, 6:00- 10:00PM Shark Life at the California Academy of Sciences, drinks, dance, sharks!

Saturday October 18th Sharktoberfest with the Sanctuary.  Join shark specialists and educators celebrating and learning about sharks in our 6th annual Sharktoberfest education event.  Shark games, shark science and shark fun for the whole family.  Shark printing, face painting and other activities for the entire family.  Ocean animal costume contest with prizes to the best creature!

Free.  10AM- 4 PM.  At the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Visitors Center, Crissy Field.  Volunteers- sign up here!

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SHARKTOBER Farallon Island Expeditions  Sign Up Here

IMG_08452014 is our 6th annual Sharktober and Sharktoberfest celebrating the return of white sharks to our National Marine Sanctuaries.  Two trips added September 17 (limited space- an educational trip with the University of San Francisco) and Octber 11.  Others to be added.  PURCHASE ADVANCE TICKETS HERE 

Natural History Cruises to the Farallon Islands.  You are invited to join us on an exclusive Shark, Whale and Natural History Tour to the Farallon Islands onboard the vessel Outer Limits lead by shark experts and naturalists. Three dates are reserved in during the white shark season and when whales and seabirds are feeding in the Gulf. (Note- sharks are hard to find but we will be monitoring feeding locations and learning about sharks on the cruise- this is not a shark viewing trip).  Contact here for more information.

Can’t join us? Please consider Supporting our work protecting sharks from shark finning and establishing shark sanctuaries.  Contact us for our specialized Natural History Tours to the Devil’s Teeth.

Dear Shark Team,

Do you see a theme? The oceans, especially shark are in deep trouble. But Shark Stewards is creating positive solutions like shark sanctuaries and education as we influence policy: like Sharktober, where we celebrate the return of the white sharks to our Sanctuary!

I wanted to personally invite you as past volunteers and supporters to join me for the 6th annual Sharktober. We originally created these celebrations to influence the CA shark fin ban. Now, we are building a larger bay area shark awareness and working on local marine protected areas. We are starting our with an event this Sunday in Sausalito at Sailfest where we will be tabling and educating the public Free sailing, beer and music at Marina Plaza near the Bay Model in Sausalito. What could be wrong with that? Anyone interested in tabling?



Its that time of year when the white sharks return and Shark Stewards hosts several shark education celebrations. I will be giving a short talk and screening Extinction Soup October 1st at the Patagonia Store in SF at 600 PM.

With One World One Ocean. October 9 is our Sharklife event at the California Academy of Sciences and we can use some creative shark ideas. The Sharktoberfest at the Sanctuary is happening October 18. This year we have a small grant form the CA Coastal Conservancy and beer from Lagunitas. We have many family oriented events and can use your help to pitch in with hands on shark activities.

We reach 10,000 people each year for no profit but we are trying to raise funds to support our shark and marine protection advocacy. Please help with your creativity and presence!

I will be leading Farallon Island expeditions again on Sept 27 and Oct 11. These are unique educational wildlife trips where we will be collecting data and observations. Please share with your network. Finally, we have a few more days left in our Indiegogo for our swim for sharks. Donations enter a raffle to join me on a trip to the Farallons. With the warm water, its wild out there this year with Mola Mola, Thresher sharks, Makos and whales!

As a kelp roots effort we rely on you to help spread the word for ocean and shark protection. We are starting a new campaign to stop United Airlines from carrying shark fin- a campaign we have succeeded with 5 other airlines. Thank you for your support and building the shark movement, David McGuire, Director Shark Stewards, a non profit project of the Earth Island Institute