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Support H 5447 to Ban the Sale, Trade and Possession of Shark Fins in Rhode Island

Send to: rep-bennett@rilin.state.ri.us, rep-handy@rilin.state.ri.us
Support H 5447 to Ban the Sale, Trade and Possession of Shark Fins in Rhode Island

Dear Representatives,

The practice of shark finning, which is the inhumane practice of removing the fins and discarding the remainder of the shark back into the sea, is having a devastating effect on shark species around the world.
Shark finning results in tens of millions of sharks a year being killed for their fins alone and over one-third of all oceanic shark species are threatened with extinction as a result of shark finning.

  • Atlantic sharks are being poached for their fins and these fins are entering the international market, leading to a collapse of shark populations.
    Apex predators such as sharks play a critical role in maintaining healthy, balanced ecosystems; something that is necessary for the long term survival of our own species.
  • Shark fins have no significant nutritional value and are considered unhealthy for huma consumption due to the accumulation of high levels of mercury and other toxins in fins and flesh.
  • 99% of Oceanic Whitetip Sharks and 90% of Hammerhead Sharks are gone from the oceans.
  • Measures must be taken to stop the global practice of shark finning and to ensure the responsible conservation and management of sharks.

Therefore, I call upon the Governor and Legislature of the State of Rhode Island to support H 5477 and ban the possession, sale and consumption of shark fins in the State of Rhode Island.