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Ask Congress to Support our National Marine Sanctuaries and Monuments!

Convict tang and bluefin trevally in a vibrant coral reef at Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. Palmyra is part of the larger Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. This photo is part of the upcoming film Hidden Pacific.

Congress is now considering funding for improvements of visitor centers, facilities and signage, and ADA compliance that anchor tourism and recreation in communities and enhance equitable access to nature. Sanctuaries need to replace and repair aging vessels to allow continued on-the-water science and conservation programs, including responding to entangled marine life, conducting scientific research and monitoring, maintaining mooring buoys, and testing new technologies and tools. The first public comment period is closed, and will reopen later in 2023.

Join us with National Marine Sanctuary Foundation urging your representatives in Congress to prioritize public investment in national marine sanctuaries and marine national monuments for Fiscal Year 2024!

Funding is vital for conservation, science and supporting cultural heritage in existing and proposed National Marine Sanctuaries. Help the USA meet our commitment to United Nations goals protecting 30% of our oceans by 2030.