United Airlines Response to Appeal to Stop Carriage of Shark Fin

United Airlines responds to our petition to stop carrying shark fin. They state they have stopped carrying shark fin since 2008 “within their control”, before the large public outcry against shark finning and without any public statement.

We have information from Hong Kong that United Airlines and/or their subsidaries are complicit in carrying shark fin.

We will maintain the public campaign until United joins other airlines in making a strong public statement denying culpability in carrying shark fin, that the practice of shark finning is reprehensible and the shark fin trade is threatening shark populations globally.

Please help Shark Stewards continue our efforts bringing this issue to the public eye, applying pressure on the shark fin trade by breaking the supply chain. ADD YOUR VOICE.

By email to Shark Stewards Supporter

From: customercare@united.com
Sent: 12/8/2014 3:25:42 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Re: United Airlines – 8456769 (KMM23321690V80668L0KM)

Dear Mr. T:

Jeff Smisek recently received your letter and has asked me to respond on
his behalf.  We appreciate your patience during the time it has taken us
to get back to you.

We can appreciate your comments and passion about not supporting shark
fin transport.  Please know that United does not currently transport or
accept shark fins as cargo.  We have had an embargo on shipment of shark
fins since November 17, 2008.

As a Premier Gold member who has been with us since 1983, your business
and comments are especially important to us.  We hope you will continue
to choose United to serve you and your future travel needs.  We wish you
and your family a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.  We look
forward to serving you on your March 9 trip with us from Seattle to

Kind regards,

Sharon Kobat
Executive Services, United Airlines
Corporate Customer Care


By email, Sent November 24, 2014

Dear Mr. McGuire,

We appreciate your continued outreach efforts to share with us your coalition’s position and concerns regarding the transport of shark fins.

We understand the sensitivity and seriousness of this issue, which is why, to the extent that is within our control, United Airlines does not transport shark fin and has not done so dating back to 2008.

Thank you again for sharing your organization’s concerns with us regarding the transport of shark fins. We will continue to monitor the development of this important global issue and take the appropriate measures within our power to ensure we continue to fulfill our commitment to the environment.


Angela Foster-Rice

Managing Director, Global Environmental Affairs and Sustainability, United Airlines

Response pending

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